DOQdrive – Digital Original Quality

What is it all about?

DOQdrive can produce and store electronic documents, images, official papers and information—all of which have a probative value. Our system uses legal validation based on the EU’s eIDAS regulation and by the use of qualified electronic seals and timestamp. This guarantees the legal effect of digital content created by DOQdrive and gives probative value to it. The system can be used uniformly throughout the entire European Union with legal value, but the technology is not limited to the EU. Electronic signatures and timestamps are a technical standard that protect against any falsification and assure the integrity of electronic documents. As such, the PKI technology can be used globally independently of a national jurisdiction.

DOQdrive ...

DOQdrive is essentially a mobile application that is simple and free to use. With DOQdrive, anyone can easily create and store their documents and data, which will qualify as digital originals. This means that they are admissible and, for example, can even be used in court proceedings.
After registration, which only takes a couple of minutes, the application becomes available for use after the identity of the user (anyone over the age of 18) is established, normally within 1-2 working days. From that point on you can use your mobile device to take photos of your hardcopy documents—such as receipts or invoices—at any time. Following the DOQdrive certification process, these electronic documents will also have probative force in legal terms. The occurrence of an event, for example or the circumstances of an accident, can be recorded just the same. Photographs made with DOQdrive are impossible to manipulate or alter, and are therefore admissible in court.

What’s the point of using it?

It is almost impossible to fully manage and archive hardcopy documents, such as warranty cards or invoices, in our fast-paced consumer society. It is extremely common, especially in the digital world, when nothing but an attested document or photo can have probative value. We purchase a large number of products and services for personal use during our lives; there is also the purchase of travel, car rentals, and situations requiring insurance. In cases like these, authentic information, a real-time snapshot with a time-stamp could serve you with indisputable evidence. Why would you want to miss the opportunity of having a single free application to prove your rights in the digital environment?

What is DOQdrive good for ?

It’s good for anything that a hardcopy document is currently good for. Additionally, it can replace pictures taken by authorities for evidence. The advantage of DOQdrive is that it takes the role hardcopy documents, which could easily be misplaced or destroyed. This will never happen to documents created by and uploaded to DOQdrive. Documents and photos stored in DOQdrive carry their probative value and are to be considered originals even in electronic form. This is guaranteed both by the technology and by legislation.

So it’s free of charge now, but what about later?

We are sure most of you would be bored with the details of our business model, so suffice it to say that the version of DOQdrive that is available for private use will always remain free. You have our word!

Registering DOQdrive in 3 steps

A few minutes is all it takes for you to register your DOQdrive account. Please have your ID card ready .
Why is this necessary? You can find detailed information about registration here.

Download and register

Download the application onto your mobile phone. Click on the “Registration” button, then fill in the details on the form.

Take photos

Take photographs of your official papers, along with a profile picture of yourself. The only thing you need to ensure is that all the photos are taken within a 3-minute timeframe and at the same GPS coordinates. This is a fraud protection measure.


A GreenArchive staff member will establish your identity based on the information submitted within our closed-loop system. If everything is found to be in order and you are over the age of 18, your registration will be authorised. This is necessary to establish a contract with us and assign the probative value for documents and pictures using DOQdrive.

How does DOQdrive work?


Do stores really have to accept the snapshot of the receipt if I no longer have it?

If it was made with DOQdrive and every element of the receipt is clearly visible on it, then yes, they do. Based on legal acts on conversion, documents uploaded to and attested in DOQdrive, then archived consistently with the rules of digital archiving, count as a private document of full probative value. As such, everyone is obliged to accept it as a document identical in all respects to the original physical hardcopy document. In the EU legal environment on general rules for trust services and electronic transactions, substituting a hardcopy official document with a duly converted and attested electronic version in the course of proceedings is a legally accepted method.

Yeah, right, as if anyone is really going to accept such “space technology” in court!

They are obligated to do so! The EU legal system provides for the probative force of documents generated according to the authentication policies specified in the eIDAS regulation. What this means is that EU law accepts documents bearing electronic signatures, seals and time-stamps as a public document or private document of full probative value. In other words, authentic and original documents and photographs uploaded to DOQdrive retain their probative value in any of? authority or court proceeding.

The shop/insurance company/etc… does not want to accept the DOQdrive photo as part of my complaint or for complaint management, etc. What should I do?

It is likely that the shop/insurance company is not evil, but has probably not yet encountered this new statutory provision and technology. Just read them the answer to the question “Do stores really have to accept the snapshot of the receipt if I no longer have it?” But if that still does not get you anywhere during your respective matter, you can ask for our assistance by sending us an email to, and we will help explain to the other party the reason why they must accept a photograph uploaded to DOQdrive for the purpose of clarifying the respective matter.

Isn’t it enough if I just take a “regular” photo of the receipt/invoice/document with my phone?

According to currently effective legal regulations, there is no official body that will accept a “regular” photograph as admissible evidence, because it is impossible to prove that the photo itself and the location and date have not been manipulated, i.e. cannot be certified beyond reasonable doubt. It is well known that it takes very little to alter the date or change the content of a photo using various photo editing tools available. This means that a “regular” photo cannot be authentic and will not immediately count as evidence. The very essence of DOQdrive is that it authenticates the photo right away after you snap it, in other words, it rules out the chance for any sort of manipulation, which gives it legal probative value. The DOQdrive photo will be suitable for replacing the very same legal effects that are incorporated in the hardcopy documents of which you take a snapshot, whether the intended legal effect is lodging a complaint in a shop successfully or during some kind of insurance event.

Can I also take photos of “life situations”?

Yes of course! We hope that you will never have the need to, but unfortunately, there may be moments in life when an authentic photo depicting what actually happened can prove very useful. For example, in the instance of a fender bender, pothole damage or water leak at home, you will have photos with attested substantiation that you can file as evidence of where and when exactly the given event occurred. Afterwards, there will be no debate as to whether the water pipe bursted on Tuesday or perhaps on Wednesday. The details of authentic photographs uploaded to DOQdrive serve as credible evidence for facts like these.

Download DOQdrive!

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Should I dare to upload my confidential documents to DOQdrive? Surely there’s someone at the company headquarters who will look at my files.

Trust is the key pillar of our business model. Not only do our policies and legal regulations guarantee the safety of our customers and of the content of their documents, but also the technology we use. We would be committing a crime if we even attempted to view the content of any uploaded document without the uploader’s authorisation. Personal information is encrypted using PKI technology. Our staff is unable to access any personal information subsequent to the registration process.

How can DOQdrive ensure that all of the uploaded files continue to be available many years down the road?

DOQdrive is an IBM Business Partner™ by contract. Data is stored on the dedicated DOQdrive server at their IBM Bluemix Infrastructure Centre in Amsterdam.

How long will my attested documents and photos be retained electronically?

You can always access the files in your account as long as you do not delete them from your own DOQdrive disk storage space.

Why do I need to photograph myself and my documents during registration? Isn’t anyone going to misuse my data?

There is no way to physically meet and establish an identity in the digital domain. Therefore, we authenticate documents and photographs based on our contract and your appointment, adding electronic signatures and time-stamps. In order for us to be able to do so, and to make sure these electronic documents, papers and photos, can actually have probative value, we need to enter into a contractual relationship with you. This will authorise us to use the electronic signature technology needed to have the legal power of proof on documents. This is also how we ensure statutory compliance. Your data is not going to be misused of course. Once the registration process is completed, we will no longer have any access to your personal file. Think of when you enter into an agreement with a bank or a cable TV provider. They also ask for your credentials. DOQdrive is doing the same thing, but solely in the digital domain.

How come the entire ID card needs to be visible? Why is it a problem if I’m holding it by one of its corners? There isn’t even anything there.

It is for your protection. Personal identification documents are currently in a card format, at least in the EU, and they are usually voided with the help of a punching machine. What may happen in certain cases is that someone applies to receive a new ID card before the validity date in which their current one expires. In cases like these, we need to see that the card has not been punched and invalidated anywhere, and that no signs of physical manipulation are visible. The date of expiry is not sufficient on its own in terms of card validity. We also have to see the whole card physically and check its integrity.

Can I upload previously taken photographs of my past documents or of myself?

No and again, this is for your own protection. The application will not permit you to do so, and—among other things—this is intended to guarantee your security. Solely the pictures and copies created with and within the time limit specified by the DOQdrive application, then and there, may be used for registration. For one, this is a statutory requirement, and on the other hand, a security mechanism.

How does it work?

Process of registration
Process of signing an agreement
Uploading documents, recording of data
Using the web interface