Take the control into your own hands and download today the DOQdrive application!




There is no need to worry whether you have taken the receipt of the purchased goods. The DOQdrive is storing it authentically and it will be equivalent, similarly with the original receipt.



You can store your important documents with the DOQdrive. They will be safe, wherever you are.



Should your car or property get damaged, you can take authentic pictures with the DOQdrive that later on serve as evidence.



Within the DOQdrive the legally original documents can be sent to each other without using an e-mail.



In case of pothole damage it is possible to take authentic pictures on the spot with GPS coordinates and time-stamps.



Even today it is possible to report the damage event electronically but the authentic picture – that is accepted by the court later on – can be taken with the DOQdrive only.



You have a good idea but you afraid to make it public? Protect your ideas with the DOQdrive!



It should not turn out late that the rented car was damaged when it was taken over!
Get prepared with the DOQdrive!

What is the DOQdrive?

We know 8 everyday situations whenthe DOQdrive application might come handy on your phone

The DOQdrive is a mobile application that can be used simply and free-of-charge with which anybody can create and store his documents and data that are qualifying as original even digitally, in such a way that they can be used even at a court trial.

The DOQdrive is the private individual’s protection for any everyday situation.

Stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Recording the GPS coordinates

Recording the time-stamp

Authenticating signature

Only you can have access

Can’t be modified

Use the DOQdrive for anything the paper-based documents can be used now! The essence of the DOQdrive consists of redeeming the role of paper, it might get lost, damaged, but never the document uploaded into the DOQdrive! The documents, pictures stored in this way dare carrying their proving power even electronically and are considered as originals. There is a legal guarantee for this.

Did you know? The DOQdrive can be used by companies, too. Get to know it and make use of its benefits!

Where it will be useful for sure

Everyday situations that do not cause headache

The sole of your shoe has come off?

Would you like to take it back but the original receipt is missing?

From now on use the DOQdrive application for each purchase in order to digitalise the paper-based receipts.

Create an electronic copy that qualifies as the original so that you can enforce your buyer’s rights.

Ask for an e-mail address and send the original copy to the shop. That’s all!

Were you stopped by the pothole?

Did it happen that you ran into a pothole?

If so then you know how much time you need to prove so that the insurer can pay. It is over now!

Just a picture with the DOQdrive application and you have authenticated the site, the date, yourself and the circumstances of the damage event.

The created picture is valid even for the insurance company and the court. There is no need for witnesses or forensic activity.
That is all!

You are not finding the slip that you have paid the cheque?

Did you know that you have to keep the slip for 5 years to prove the payment?

The DOQdrive is simultaneously turning back time and updates your memory; just a copy of the cheque and you will never lose it again!

We are keeping the financial document created so and it qualifies as a digital original and you can use it anytime to prove the payment.

Interface of the DOQdrive application

Our application provides easy orientation and handling for everybody
frame slider phone

How to get registered in the DOQdrive?

During the registration actually we are concluding a contract through which you are assigning us to use the electronic signature and this is how we comply with the law. We don’t meet in the digital space in person therefore the next procedure will assure the digital legitimacy and identification.

Download the DOQdrive application!

(Look for the application in the App Store or the GooglePlay)

Send in your data!

(there is need for a photo-ID)

Take a portrait picture of yourself in the application!

Your registration is being approved

(about 20 minutes)

After the confirming e-mail log into the DOQdrive!

DOQdrive ...

DOQdrive is essentially a mobile application that is simple and free to use. With DOQdrive, anyone can easily create and store their documents and data, which will qualify as digital originals. This means that they are admissible and, for example, can even be used in court proceedings.

After registration, which only takes a couple of minutes, the application becomes available for use after the identity of the user (anyone over the age of 18) is established, normally within 1-2 working days. From that point on you can use your mobile device to take photos of your hardcopy documents—such as receipts or invoices—at any time. Following the DOQdrive certification process, these electronic documents will also have probative force in legal terms. The occurrence of an event, for example or the circumstances of an accident, can be recorded just the same. Photographs made with DOQdrive are impossible to manipulate or alter, and are therefore admissible in court.


What's the point of using it?

It is almost impossible to fully manage and archive hardcopy documents, such as warranty cards or invoices, in our fast-paced consumer society. It is extremely common, especially in the digital world, when nothing but an attested document or photo can have probative value. We purchase a large number of products and services for personal use during our lives; there is also the purchase of travel, car rentals, and situations requiring insurance. In cases like these, authentic information, a real-time snapshot with a time-stamp could serve you with indisputable evidence. Why would you want to miss the opportunity of having a single free application to prove your rights in the digital environment?

What is DOQdrive good for?

It’s good for anything that a hardcopy document is currently good for. Additionally, it can replace pictures taken by authorities for evidence. The advantage of DOQdrive is that it takes the role hardcopy documents, which could easily be misplaced or destroyed. This will never happen to documents created by and uploaded to DOQdrive. Documents and photos stored in DOQdrive carry their probative value and are to be considered originals even in electronic form. This is guaranteed both by the technology and by legislation.


So it’s free of charge now, but what about later?

We are sure most of you would be bored with the details of our business model, so suffice it to say that the version of DOQdrive that is available for private use will always remain free. You have our word!

Would you like a company registration?

The first step of the company registration consists of having your own DOQdrive account. If this has already been registered then log into the application, go to the settings menu and select the “Company package” option. The our customer service will get in contact with you and helps with the further steps!

céges DOQdrive

Take the control into your own hands and download today the DOQdrive application!


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