DOQdrive Business

Digital document store

It is freeing your archiving cabinets and premises.

DOQdrive Business

GDPR compliance

You can provide GDPR-compliant protection for the personal data found in the company documents

DOQdrive Business

Anywhere, anytime

The documents recorded with the smart phone immediately get into the company account

DOQdrive Business

There is no more postal cost

By delivering the AUTHENTIC documents electronically it is possible to visit the post office.

DOQdrive Business

Access by the accountant

Your accountant can any time have access to the required invoices, paper-freely and using the originals.

DOQdrive Business

Retraceable event-log

The event-log recorded with logs for each document shows what the users did and when. The minutes are taken automatically and can be retrieved for years.

DOQdrive Business

EU compliant e-signature

Every document will be supplied with the electronic signature and time stamp accepted within the entire European Union (eIDAS-ready)

DOQdrive Business

Legally authentic even digitally

The existing or new document can be copied into a legally AUTHENTIC digital version that is identical with the original, in this way there is no need for printing or storing the official documents.

What are the advantages of digitalisation?

Besides that you are reducing your postal and printing expenses, you are saving time! And you get an A for being environment-friendly!

The essence: think in advance!!!!! – the authentication takes place based in international rules and standards, they are accepted in any European country, in this way it may play an important role even in the international processes! It provides protection, it significantly accelerates and simplifies the internal processes, resulting in serious material savings! Make the first step in document handling aided by the DOQdrive Business, since a lot of time and cost can be saved with the more efficient work-processes.

Stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Recording the GPS coordinates

Recording the time-stamp

Authenticating signature

It can be accessed by you only

Can’t be modified


Reduce drastically the company expenditure!

Besides obtaining a paper-free and greener company, the cost efficiency will be better if you are choosing us!

Just think of the quantity of the paper-based documents you are currently having in your office! Despite invoicing online, the quantity of paper-based invoices and documents does not decrease significantly, and we might be required to store for several decades. Just think of the HR-related documents!

The DOQdrive provides the solution to drastically reduce your expenses. Talking about paper purchase, printing, storing, mailing and the time-consuming retrieval … these expenses are all terminated so that the money can be used to keep developing your company!

Save Up to 50% cost

in 12 months.

Without the DOQdrive

  • Paper cost

  • Printing cost

  • Mailing cost

  • Storing cost

  • Human resources cost

  • Savings

By using the DOQdrive

  • Paper cost

  • Printing cost

  • Mailing cost

  • DOQdrive annual fee

  • Human resources cost

  • Savings

Ask a for
a free-of-charge consultation!

Would you like your company to experiment lower document-handling cost? Our DOQdrive Business application is easing the functioning of your company by becoming more economical. It terminates the searching for the lost documents, the superfluous printing cost and the document handling will become more transparent.

Our expert colleagues help in tailor-making the DOQdrive Business service.

DOQdrive Business in practice

Where and for what can it be used in the everyday life of your company?

Recommended for whom?

Our services broken down to special sectors

Accountants and payroll experts

The responsibility on paper-based storage disappears, the invoices arrive in real time and at daily level.

Transportation and logistics

Don’t lose time, invoice your transportation costs immediately, after handing over the consignment!

Salesman networks

Online recorded and signed contract management. Distances disappear.

Construction companies

Remote approval of blueprints, online storage and sharing of permits.

Bank and insurance sector

Possibility of remote identification and contract conclusion in the b2c and b2b sectors.

Workforce lending and HR

Possibility to pre-filter the interviews, online contract conclusion with the applicants.

Micro and small companies

To redeem the paper-based documents of the one-person companies.

Medium and big companies

Full-scope company document handling in the cloud.

How much does it cost?

Choose our basic package or ask for a special quotation!
  • DOQbasic
  • For the individual and small companies

    • uploading of maximum 300 pages / month
    • authentication per document (digital signature and time-stamp)
    • 3 optional document-types
    • retrieval with chosen words (full text OCR)
    • maximum 3 users
    • one’s own indexing possibility
    • database building
    • document-uploading application
    • making authentic pictures
    • Microsoft Azure cloud’s storage up to 30 GB
  • $ 99 eur/month
  • Offer tailor-made for your company
  • For individualsIf you are providing all the data, then besides the costs of the DOQdrive Business service we are also sending the savings obtained by implementing the system!
  • $ 100
  • Setting fee
  • Cost of the first system setup in person
  • EUR 180 eur
  • Consultation fee
  • Hourly fee of the personal system-consultant, free of charge for the calls in Budapest.
  • $ 99 eur/hour

Take the control into your own hands and download today the DOQdrive application!


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