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All of data of yours is TRULY ORIGINAL, can be reached from anywhere and can be shared with others. There is no more legal dispute!

The DOQdrive is a cloud-based solution suitable to store and forward legally original and digitalised documents, which revolutionises the document archiving and handling. All users in the system are 100% identified and every document is legally authentic.

Our vision is a digital society where original digital documents move between companies, between a company and a private individual or even between two private individuals safely and paperless.

We don’t need the papers, we need the contained information only!


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Why data uploaded to DOQdrive is authentic?

The image prepared by the DOQdrive is much more than a simple picture. It plays the role of the paper-based documents, since they may get lost or damaged but the documents uploaded into the DOQdrive will never do this! The documents, pictures stored in this way are carrying their proving power in electronic format, too, and they are considered original. This is assured by law.
Microsoft AZURE cloud

We are storing the uploaded data in the Microsoft AZURE’s dedicated servers, they guarantee that the storage place is always accessible.

GPS coordinates

The picture will always be accompanied by the exact location where the picture was taken

Time-stamp utilisation

The date of taking the picture will always be assigned to the picture.

Authenticating signature

During the process, we apply a legally validated digital signature to the image.

The only person having access is you!

Only the uploading person can have access to the data uploaded into the system, respectively the person to whom it is sent by e-mail or in a closed DOQdrive channel.

It can’t be modified

After the picture has been taken the system is assigning the authenticating data and it is immediately closing the possibility to modify.

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