DOQdrive: Digital, Authentic, Permanent

DOQdrive is essentially a mobile application that is simple and free to use. With DOQdrive, anyone can easily generate and store their documents and data, which will qualify as digital originals. This means that they are admissible and, for example, can even be used in court proceedings.

Your heel has come off?

Thinking about returning the shoes for a refund, but you lost the original proof of purchase receipt? From now on, be sure to use DOQdrive to digitize hardcopy invoices or receipts every time you shop. Create electronic duplicates qualifying as originals even in electronic form to enable you to fully assert your rights as a customer. Ask for an email address and send the original duplicate to the store. It’s as simple as that!

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Stopped in your tracks by a pothole?

Have you ever driven into a pothole? If you have, you must have surely realized the sheer amount of leg-work and proof necessary to make the insurance company pay for the damage. All of that can now be over! Just take a snapshot with the DOQdrive application to authenticate the location, date and time, your identity and the circumstances of the damage incident. That photo will hold up, not only with the insurer, but also in court. No need for witnesses or the police to record the conditions at the site.
It’s as simple as that!

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Toy damaged beyond repair?

If you have children you know what it’s like when their favourite toy breaks or stops working. Thinking about asserting the warranty? Take your warranty cards and create digital duplicates qualifying as originals every time you buy something. This way, you will be able to assert your warranty claims any time with the help of DOQdrive.
It’s as simple as that!

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Can’t find the payment slip for a utility bill you’ve settled?

Did you know that you must retain the payment slip for five years as proof of payment? DOQdrive can help you go back in time instantly and keeps your memory in check—just create copies of the payment slip, and you will never lose another! We will safeguard the fiscal documents created this way—which qualify as digital originals—for you, meaning you can use them at any time as proof of your payment.

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It sounds good… but how does it work?

We have collected all of the frequently asked questions and answers so you can read them here!

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DOQdrive’s capabilities are priceless.
Multiple users, larger plan limits? Yes! The more people that use the application, the more documents you can upload to DOQdrive.
Help us out by spreading the word to unlock DOQdrive’s full capabilities!
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10 documents/month


20 documents/month

After 1000 users

20 documents/month
+ 1 user

After 2000 users

20 documents/month
+ 2 users
+ mailing between them

After 5000 users

40 documents/month
+ 4 users
(Family sharing)
+ audio and video

After 20000 users